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Cricketx Demo Game for Free

Cricketx demo mode is available to all users. Open the Spribe Cricketx demo version of the game and bet online for free! The demo version of the game fully repeats the interface along with the basic steps and game levels available in the full version. Play Cricketx demo online on the site without registration and improve your skills!


Cricketx Demo Review

Before you start the Cricketx game, familiarize yourself with its interface:

  • Once you’ve launched the Cricketx demo mode, you will see the flight control panel. 
  • On the right side of the screen, there is an aircraft itself and the statistics of the changing multiplication coefficient. The data is updated every 20 rounds.
  • At the top of the page, you will see the money amount, available in your account per game.  
  • On the left side of the screen, there is data with statistics for the whole game. Here you can see all the bets made by other players during the last several rounds, as well as their winnings and the multipliers. You can also switch the menu displaying your bets or to the list of the top winners.  
  • Another thing that may bring your attention is a Game-in Chat. This feature is currently not available in the demo version.

Play Cricketx Demo by Spribe

Play Cricketx demo version online for free right now. Below you can try betting in demo mode and try out the gameplay.


Cricketx Game Rules

In this plane crash game of Cricketx, bets must be fulfilled before the plane takes off and crashes. The maximum amount you may pay out before the jet lands would be its coefficient multiplied by the winning wager. Each gaming round lasts for thirty seconds, following which new bets are made and the flight continues.


Cricketx Demo Mode: How to Play Online?

Cricketx game demo mode gives you a chance to test the main features of this crash game absolutely for free. With the demo mode, you can try on as many gaming strategies as possible before starting to play the Cricketx full version. To start playing Cricketx  demo mode you need to:

  1. Go to the official website of the casino which supports the Cricketx (for example 1win, Parimatch, Mostbet, etc.).
  2. Click on the section ‘Slots’.
  3. Here you can find the Cricketx game by applying the search filter on the left panel of the page. If you are a professional bettor, you can also choose the game provider most suitable for you (for example, many gamblers prefer to play the Cricketx game via the Spribe game provider. The link for the provider is as follows: 

How to Place a Bet in Cricketx Demo?

To place a bet in Cricketx demo mode, you need to find two green buttons below the flight area of the plane (red route). Here you can also find several control functions, which allow you to turn on the autoplay mode, which affects the game manner (Autoplay) and the withdrawal method (Autocashout). You can turn on both of these automatic functions in the Cricketx demo version. 

  • Autoplay allows you to continue playing the Cricketx game while you are idle or not watching the game. During the autoplay mode, up to 10 rounds can be played by default.
  • Autocashout allows you to withdraw your winnings once a certain multiplier has been reached. With Autocashout you don’t need to keep your eye on when the plane reaches the particular multiplier to make a withdraw money in the game Cricketx.

Cricketx Demo Game Functionality

On online casino websites, users may get a demo of the game Cricketx . Instead of risking real money in this mode, you play with fake money. In the demo mode, you may improve your gaming abilities while learning more about the game, betting tactics, rewards, and other crucial information.

You can place bets, learn how to use auto bets, practice different betting strategies and figure out your own, and use all the same functions as the game does when you play it for real money – but instead, you are using fake virtual money.

Since the demo version is essentially the same game as the full version, but with no money, you should practice playing it first. This way, when you do decide to bet real money on the game, you will already be familiar with it and know what to do.


Advantages of the Cricketx Demo Mode

There are lots of advantages to playing the demo mode of Cricketx before playing for money. You can see a list of them down below:

  • Practice playing the game;
  • Practice betting strategies for maximum profit;
  • You can figure out the best way that you should play the game before playing for money;
  • Get accustomed to the game controls.

The Difference Between Cricketx Demo and Full Version

Below you can find the distinctive features of the online demo mode and the full version of the game Cricketx:

Cricketx Demo ModeCricketx Full Version
Statistics for the last rounds are availableStatistics for the last rounds are available
Max multiplication coefficient varies from x20 to x100The Max multiplication coefficient is x200
Playing as a free trial; Real money deposits are not supported Playing with real money
High-quality resolution of the gameHigh-quality resolution of the game
Game-in chat is not available Game-in chat available
Customer support is not availableCustomer support available
You have no access to inside information and interactions with professional bettors are not allowedInside information for the professional bettors available

Cricketx Demo App Download for Smartphones and PC

To download Cricketx on your PC and smartphone you need to take a look at the top bookmakers and online casinos that support the Cricketx  game. Since  Cricketx  game requires the gambling platform to comply with all the latest Gambling Laws and Regulations the game is usually supported only by the top online casinos, such as 1win, Parimatch, 4rabet, 1xBet, Pin-Up, etc. Such casinos offer their customers PC apps and mobile apps for installation for free directly from their official websites. Both the best Cricketx game apps in India contain Cricketx games in free demo mode and full version and are compatible with Android, Mac/iOS, or Windows software. For more information, please, visit the website of the online casinos from the above-mentioned list.

Aviator Demo App


Yes, surely. Since the Cricketx game is mainly introduced to the gambling market via Spribe game provider which introduces high supported standards for its partners (online casinos). The casinos must comply with the Anti Money Laundering legislation as well as to be licensed by the authorized Gambling Commission. In addition, Cricketx quick game is positioned as Provably Fair. This means that all the results of the game are formed by the RNG and any third party cannot influence the final results.

Unfortunately, no. The demo mode is focused on training newcomers and ensures that their will test their betting strategies before investing the real money to the Cricketx full version.

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